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Enhanced DBS check, Basic Disclosure check, DVLA check, AML and Credit History check, Pre-employment Screening package services:

Enhanced DBS

£55 + VAT per check

This is the most comprehensive DBS check and is compulsory for jobs which include looking after children and vulnerable adults. Enhanced DBS (Disclosure) check includes all information of convictions on a person’s file. In other words, even small punishments are recorded on the disclosure.

Basic Disclosure

£36 + VAT per check

All organisations are allowed to ask for a Basic Disclosure check (Basic DS) on every candidate, they are employing. This check gives the evidence of any unspent convictions. For certain jobs, Basic DS is also a legal requirement.


£15 + VAT per check

This DVLA check includes licence validity and expiry, vehicles licenced to drive, offences, penalty points and disqualifications.

AML + Credit History 

£15 + VAT per check

This AML check ensures compliance with all Anti Money Laundering regulations, cut the cost of verifying identity, combat fraud effectively, provide a seamless client experience, reduce administrative overheads, and conduct business confidently and effectively. Additionally, the AML check includes Credit history, ID and address verification.

Pre-employment Screening package (for individuals)

£60 + VAT per file

This service includes job history, education, personal character references all documented and verified. For further information, please have a look here: https://javoconsultancyltd.com/product/pre-employment-screening-package-for-individuals/

Price List

Price List

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