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Reduction of Risks Related to the 3rd Party Background Screening Firms

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Employment Background/ Pre-employment Screening

Due to the recent grievances against employers which occurred in the US, it makes me wonder how companies can reduce risks regarding their employment background check/ pre-employment screening processes. Basically, when employers outsource these background checks from an external/ 3rd party background screening provider, it is important to fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 legislation ( and to “stick” to the following steps:

Firstly, employers must explain candidates the reason why there is a need for an employment background check/ pre-employment screening. Furthermore, businesses have to obtain employees’ written consent (“Authorization to Provide Information”) to do so prior to this check.

Secondly, companies are not allowed to send a “rejection letter” to a candidate until his/ her oral screening together with the AML/ credit check is done (a sample report can be downloaded at SampleAML-IDVerificationCheck). Only then, you can make a decision whether you recruit this person or not. In the case of a rejection outcome, you should fully explain the reasons how you have arrived at this conclusion.

Lastly, all organisations must adhere to the above stages when conducting employment background checks on their potential candidates.  It is paramount to implement a comprehensive pre-employment screening policy. You also need to be careful when selecting a 3rd party employment background screening provider. I would personally suggest you to get in touch initially with your chosen pre-employment screening supplier and find out what services they can provide you with and how satisfied their current clients are with their performance. In this industry, the quality of employment background checks varies significantly from one company to another.


Gregory A. G. (2017), Pre-employment Background Screening 101 – Mitigate Your Risk,, (accessed 13th October 2017).

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Pre-employment Screening Model You Can Trust

employees background checks

Pre-employment Screening Model

It is obvious that companies must check candidates’ employment history more often than ever before. For instance, you would not like to employ a person who steal money for his/ her own use. Hence, you need to screen him/ her prior to their employment. As every business, your long term goal is to reduce costs and prevent any potential threats of candidates “nicking stuff”. On the other hand, it may not always be easy to discover candidates’ past criminal activity. The good news is that there are steps which can be taken to examine an employee during his/ her screening.

In brief summary, this pre-employment screening model (developed by Maier) includes the following four stages:

  • Plan: identify the extent of background check and make clear what warning signals are.
  • Search: look for adequate data, examine its quality and reliability.
  • Loop: arrange a face-to-face interview with the employee and discuss further any negative notes or evidence obtained.
  • Decide: after a careful examination of all the information available, you should make decision whether you employ this candidate or not.

Finally, as stated by Maier, if you decide not to employ this person in the end, there should be a procedure in place how senior management may overrule your advice, if not, screening process will not be plausible. Maier also recommends to get in touch with other three different company representatives who may make a decision why you should employ this individual regardless of its negative findings. But they must provide you with a reason for this conclusion and they must be fully accountable for any incidents which may occur in the future.


Primeaux, E. (2017), Using a Risk-Based Pre-Employment Screening,, (accessed 1st October 2017).

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Why Do Employers Check Candidates Background?

employees background checks

Candidates Background Check

Do you know why businesses are taking time to make decisions about their potential workforce? According to the survey conducted in the US, 75% of companies stated that they had employed a wrong individual for the job and costed them almost £12.5k approximately.

In order to mitigate the above risk, many companies conduct candidates background check. This frequently includes a criminal record, confirmation of their employment history and education, identity and credit checks which directly support employers to make a right decision.

All candidates should be aware of:

  • That an employer may question his/ her background.
  • The decision to employ a person must depend on the nature of a job applied for.
  • If an employer decides not to hire you because of the results of the background checks, you can obtain a copy of a report and ask for an explanation of this decision.
  • If there is something wrong which you already know about, you should be ready to make it clear. Otherwise this might have a negative impact on your success to get hired.

In conclusion, candidates background check not solely assist to provide safety for the business. However it ensures that the right candidate is validated and assessed. A majority of applicants are aware of this fact. They are willing to come through this background process and they are collaborative and compliant. It is always better to be proactive, rather than reactive which usually costs much more and it is also more difficult to deal with after an incident has occurred.


Goldberg, B. (2016), Majority of employers background check employees … Here’s why,, (accessed 22nd September 2017).


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Are employees background checks necessary for companies?

employees background checks

Employees Background Checks

We believe that the goal of employees background checks is to examine a talent and skills of new workforce. However, you should perform them precisely and carefully. Basically, the background check/ pre employment screening is about identifying whether information provided by a candidate is true. Additionally, it assists you to look at the applicant far beyond what is on the paper or found out during a job interview process. Previous employers can provide some evidence of what work habits a candidate has. There references can add information on his/ her personal character.

Employees background checks can be viewed as a proactive approach to ensure the integrity of the company and the safety of staff. As not all applicants may not be suitable for specific job roles due to some factors of their work history.  For instance, somebody with a criminal background may not be a right candidate for a security officer job role. In other words, you can only discover specific kinds of information through the pre-employment screening process. Obviously, your aim is to obtain this data for a job related reasons. There are various employees background checks which you should consider individually, however bear in mind that they must be accurate and valid.


The Advance Group (2011) Why It Is important To Conduct Background Checks and How To Do It Legally,, (accessed 9th September 2017).

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