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Why Do Employers Check Candidates Background?

employees background checks

Candidates Background Check

Do you know why businesses are taking time to make decisions about their potential workforce? According to the survey conducted in the US, 75% of companies stated that they had employed a wrong individual for the job and costed them almost £12.5k approximately.

In order to mitigate the above risk, many companies conduct candidates background check. This frequently includes a criminal record, confirmation of their employment history and education, identity and credit checks which directly support employers to make a right decision.

All candidates should be aware of:

  • That an employer may question his/ her background.
  • The decision to employ a person must depend on the nature of a job applied for.
  • If an employer decides not to hire you because of the results of the background checks, you can obtain a copy of a report and ask for an explanation of this decision.
  • If there is something wrong which you already know about, you should be ready to make it clear. Otherwise this might have a negative impact on your success to get hired.

In conclusion, candidates background check not solely assist to provide safety for the business. However it ensures that the right candidate is validated and assessed. A majority of applicants are aware of this fact. They are willing to come through this background process and they are collaborative and compliant. It is always better to be proactive, rather than reactive which usually costs much more and it is also more difficult to deal with after an incident has occurred.


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