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We are always searching for well provided, accessibly priced employment background check services fully compliant with BS7858: 2012. Our experienced team will work with you to recommend the best screening package based on the requirements you specify from an initial confirmation of your employee information to a full analysis required for management or executive job roles.  Furthermore, we will assist you to obtain the adequate data and enable you to decide what the next stages relevant to your business you should take.

We are aware of the importance of possessing good reputation in our business. Hence, we constantly strive to improve ourselves and provide you with valid, precise and prompt results. We will help you to clarify frequently doubtful experience of an employment background check for your potential employees. These services include a sufficient visibility, prompt responding times and overall communication in the pre-employment screening process. Basically, employment background check is a comprehensive process affected by legal issues, regulatory requirements, industry-specific best practices and evolving considerations. Reliable background check companies have long track records of success to address these issues.

Employment background check services

We possess a good background screening experience and will demonstrate our extensive familiarity with any of our background checks. Our comprehensive background screening and validation practices make certain that you receive expected results because we carefully handle your private and confidential data. As a result, our company policies fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and we methodically record, communicate and follow them throughout the entire organisation. There are various packages of employment background check services available from us.

We know that every organisation possesses unique requirements influenced by laws, accreditation bodies or they want to simply ensure that they are employing the most suitable candidate for their business. The reduction of the risks associated with your human resources is absolutely paramount for establishing and strengthen your brand. Hence, we would like to support you in this background screening process of your workforce. We tend to take a proactive approach and improve our services according to the changes which get constantly applied to this industry. We also keep you updated about these amendments through our blog which is accessible here.

In summary, we provide a highly skilled quality service and we are confident that you will become a satisfied customer. We establish and deliver this by complying with all related legislation and obtained accreditations:

Data Protection Act 1998 – ZA235697

We are currently working towards the ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation.

Special Offer

We are currently running a 100% free security screening service for our potential customers. For this reason, we would like to offer you this opportunity to completely screen the 1st file of your choice in order to demonstrate ours skills and expertise. You save £60 + VAT on average with this offer!

Call us now at 0207 856 0416 or email us at info@javoconsultancyltd.com

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